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The Psychology of British Bangladeshis - 50 years on...

2022 was the year that celebrated the 50 years of independence of Bangladesh. Learn about this through the 'Kee Khobor' initiative and the podcast I did with Poppy Jaman. (Im wearing the Kee Kohobor T Shirt in the photo above) Since the liberation in 1971, Bengalis or Bangladeshis have migrated all over the world. They brought their talents, work ethic and of course our food to various continents, including here in the UK.

Speaking of talent I interviewed BBC Asian network presenter and comedian Hashu aka 'SMASH Bengali' on audio and video

Another growing British Bengali talents in the psychology sphere like mines are researchers from the University of Oxford Priya Ahmed and PhD student Tia Moin. We discussed what its like doing a PhD as British Bengalis. Listen to the podcast on audio and video with Priya. Also listen to the conversation Tia Moin on audio and video

The mind has always fascinated me and what can be made of those who are Born here in the UK like me? What conforms of our identity and place ? As humans we are made of both of our genes we inherit from our parents and the environment that surrounds us. These can range from religion, ethnicity, politics and socio economic conditions we are born and live in.

My thoughts are made of the 5 points

  1. We don't hold a binary position as we are not Bengali or British alone, we are both, we are of dual hertiage

  2. We are of different skin complexions and belong to different faiths

  3. Spirituality is very important to us and this can in the form of energy and or religion

  4. We are enterprerinual as most of us are disadvantage background particularly those who are first generation.

  5. We have different intersections like other humans not one Bengali is the same as the other.

The list is not exhaustive and I can go on but for me those are the key points that summarises where we are as a British Bangladeshis. I am fascinated and excited about the next 50 years for British Bangladeshis and here are some questions that are on my mind.

  • Will our food still be desired and as the UK number 1 favorite dish?

  • Will they pursue a career to become a Psychologist?

  • When will we see a footballer in the England football team that comes from our community?

  • How will our socio-economic position change?

  • What business are they more likely to open?

My question to you, what thoughts do you have? How have you and family evolved?

To mark the 50 years for me personally, I did a YouTube video every week this year (2022) on what I enjoy most and as a practicing Psychologist. If you would like to watch these short videos click here or as ever my podcast on audio or video

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