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Unable to award you the PhD...

I got my corrections back just over a week ago It read we are unable to award you the PhD degree! Some good news though - I have been given one month to readdress the amendments.

How do I feel? One word gutted! However, looking at the comments the examiners made great points and it was a weird feeling of getting another chance to sharpen my arguments and the overall thesis.

Is this blog just a moment thought, perhaps it's a bit both? I been blogging here and there but could i be more consistent? i don't know

Do i write how i speak? perhaps I do! Will doing this blogging thing help my writing experience. There is plenty of advice out there to suggest that it will do.

When will i release this website with my new domain name as I make the transition from a PhD student to a Post Doc. Im still undecided, so if you reading this welcome to my site and thank you for reading my first blog on this site.

This was posted on 21 March 2021

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